Magic and Rituals

Magic and Rituals


Witchcraft is one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions, yet also one of the most misunderstood.

I knew that if I had the right intention, a strong will and believed from deep in my heart in my power, I could change my

life and also help others which I did and still do.

I do not recommend you to start work with rituals if you have some fear for the spiritual world, magic is all about working with spirits, energies and higher forces.

As I wrote earlier, everything is connected to each other, all stones and crystals have magical powers, magic is all about energies, intentions, mind power, will and manifestation, to be one with the Universe.


Magic is practice that involve the manipulation of natural energies through premeditated rituals or spells.

When I did notice the changes after I did cast the spells, I just had to go on and expand my knowledge which is why I help others as well.

I work with Hoodoo magic, I work with Egyptian Magic , I work with Voodoo and Black magic.

When I have a reading for a client, I see through theirs life situation and after that I can see clear if I can by using my magical power help them to change their situations. I only help those who I know are in need of something and don´t want to harm anyone just because they want to but I do bring in the justice if needed.

Before you start to work with magic and spells you should know that it is important to protect yourself and have self dicipline.

Whatever you want to do in your life, including magic needs you to at least be on the positive side of the energy body stress table in order to succeed.

Most people turn to magic spells and potions out of desperation, stress and because they don´t know what else to do, stop right there!

Magic needs energy to work, needs powerful fast flowing, free flowing energy to get results, and if you don´t have that positivity then you must wait or ask a spell caster ( Witch) to do the work for you.